How to Keep Truck Floor Mats From Sliding and Keeping in Place

The truck floor mats are used for protecting the truck from spills and dirt.

However, if these do not fit in place and keep sliding, that means the dirt or spills can directly affect the truck.

This can result in giving stains which can be difficult to remove. 

Here are some ways to keep the truck floor mats from sliding:

Make sure the size is right:

When you find the right mats for your truck, these will fit perfectly so wouldn’t move anywhere on high or low speeds. Which means the sliding problem gets solved.

Make sure these are Heavy Enough:

When the truck floor mats are heavy, it means these can remain in place because of the weight. Light-weight mats can move or slide when these are not fit enough to the truck’s floor. 

Find the Mats which match the truck’s model:

When you find the mats which are compatible with your truck’s model, that means the mats are already designed for your truck. The dimensions would also be exactly what these should be. That also means less problems with sliding. 

If the above things do not work, here is what you can do:

Find the trim to fit floor mats:

The truck mats which are trimmable, it means you can resize these to the requirements.

For these mats you also do not need to match the model, as these can work with almost any model. 

Try using the adhesive tape:

Another thing you can do is to add the adhesive tape which is made for carpets and can do the thing for your truck.

This tape is adhesive from both sides. There is need of small of it to add underneath the truck floor mats.

Try drilling some screws:

If you are not good at it, try to get some expert who can do that make sure you only drill through to the carpet level and not further to make the truck mat fixed to that.

Here is a video to on how to drill some screws to keep the floor mat from sliding:


So in this article you learned about how to keep truck floor mats from sliding and how to keep these in place. If you have any questions, please do ask.