How to Cut a Rubber Truck Bed Mat

Rubber truck bed mats are usually made for specific models. If it is a common truck mat with an extra large size which may be difficult for you to fit to your truck; you may have to cut the mat to fit your truck bed. 

When doing that, you would have to think about a few things such as; the mat shouldn’t obstruct the tailgate and fix the truck bed so it doesn’t slide once you have completed doing that. 

What Tools Do You Need?

For cutting the bed mat, you do not need advanced tools. This but it can simply be done with a wood cutting blade and good quality knife. Both of these are enough. 

Most rubber truck beds are 0.375 thick on an average which are effective for your cargo and can be trimmed with the right tools. 

How to Cut the Rubber Mat for Truck Bed:

So here are some steps you can follow to start trimming or cutting the rubber truck bed mat:

First you should close the tailgate and start measuring the truck bed. A regular measuring tape can be used for that. 

Create the template on the paper with the marker.

Once you have created the template, you can cut the paper with the knife and pair of scissors and then place the template on the truck bed for making any changes to it. Here are the step by step instructions which you can use for doing that. 

What are the Requirements or Tools for Cutting the Truck Bed Mat?

The tools needed for this are basic such as the knife, scissors, paper and some grease for it.

Why is a Rubber Mat Good?

Because rubber is durable as the mat for your truck bed. It can withstand your heavy cargo and protects your truck’s bed from spills and damages which most other materials wouldn’t do. 


So in this article, you learned about how to cut and trim the rubber truck bed mat. And also learned why rubber is really good material. If you have any questions please do ask.