Best Floor Mats for Ford Escape

Ford Escape strong enough with towing capacity of 3500 lbs. Other than that, it is hands-free foot-activated liftgate and with that you do not need keys every time. Not only that, this SUV has enough space for your items to carry in the car. 

These are some features of this SUV, the topic of this article is best floor mats for Ford Escape.

Because you have to keep your car clean and make it look good, floor mats are the must have accessories you should consider. 

There are different materials which the floor mats are made of. Such as rubber, vinyl, carpet, plastic and more. When it comes to keeping your SUV like Ford Escape clean from dirt and mud, it is better to consider durable rubber floor mats. 

How to Clean the Ford Escape Floor Mats:

For cleaning these mats you would need some elbow grease, enough water and some good cleaning products. Make sure you shouldn’t use harsh chemicals which might make the mats wear out sooner or later. Other than that, you would need water and detergent to soak these mats. Once you have soaked for some time, lay these flat for drying but make sure the direct sunlight should not affect these. 

Motor Trend OF-933-BK Black Deep Dish Rubber Floor Mats

These Flex Tough mats give the advanced performance to your cars. These are durable and do not split or deform. These can be trimmed to fit to your vehicle’s floor simply by using the scissors, so you can do it easily. The non-slip grip makes these stay in place. These mats protect your vehicle from the dirt or spills and remain durable in the raining seasons. Adding these to your SUV is easy, if these do not fit, you can trim these to fit. These are also easy to wash from dirt and spills. 


These mats have great quality. 

Because of trimming to fit, these can fit most of the vehicles easily. 


A few people feel these are difficult to fit. 


These mats are designed to fit all models of Ford Escape and with the molded materials these mats become even better for your vehicle. These mats are 100% odorless, all weather resistant and stain-resistant to protect your car for long from the dirt and mud. The texture of the mats is skid resistant and cleaning of the mats is easy. 


These mats have the exact fit in place and keep the car clean from the dirt and mud. 

The mats are durable for different seasons. 


A few people think these do not fit in their vehicle. 

3D MAXpider All-Weather Car Floor Mats

These mats are designed to provide protection against all weathers and these are designed to fit most cars and protect from dirt, mud and the spills for long. With the high precision laser scanning technology these mats are custom made to fit your car model. The side walls of the mats give the seamless protection which prevents the dirt from getting into the underneath of the carpets. These mats are odorless and cleaning is easy. 


The design of the mats make your car look good.

Not only the design is good, the mats fit so good in your car to protect from dirt and mud. 


A few people didn’t like the quality of the mats. 

Why Should you be using Floor Mats for your SUV?

It is because if you are not using the floor mats, and when you are willing to sell it, it may lower the value of your car if it isn’t that clean. Floor mats are not only the budget accessory for your high end vehicle but it will also make your car look good.

Are these mats easy to clean?

In floor mats, the weathertech mats are easier to clean and aren’t flimsy. The quality is so good that you need the water hose to clean the dirt and mud from the mats. 

What features to look for in the SUV Floor Mats:

There are a few things you should consider such as; the mats should have the perfect fit for your car and shouldn’t slip which might make driving difficult. The mats should be water resistant to prevent spills, dirt and mud. 


In this article, you learned about some best floor mats for Ford Escape, and how to find the good mats. If you have any questions, please do ask.