[Top-Rated 5] Best Truck Bed Mat

Best Truck Bed Mat

Trucks are usually used for carrying heavy cargo or heavy loads and for this reason their rear (the bed of the truck) is capable of carrying such loads. Its material is too solid for doing that.

However, heavy cargo or materials which a truck carries usually leaves some scratches or marks which may affect the overall look of the truck’s bed. 

In other words, scratched rear bed of the truck may result in lowering its overall value. To solve it, you should use a truck bed mat.

Now, it can come in different colors to match your truck design otherwise black or dark colors can suit most trucks best.

So, this article is about what is the best truck bed mat and how to find it for the truck.

Why Choosing a Truck Bed Mat?

Adding a mat to your truck does a number of good things, some are given below:

It Protects the Loads (cargo) which it carries:

Because it is usually the primary goal of a truck to carry something at its back, which is its bed. If you do not have a bed mat on your truck, chances are the cargo may slide when the truck is on the road. As a result some of the cargo or other material might get damaged.

The mat, which usually has a non-slip surface can protect and keep the cargo in place.

It Protects the Truck Bed from Cargo:

Even if the cargo which slides doesn’t hurt itself, can harm the bed of the truck by giving it scratches. The truck bed mat doesn’t only make it look good but also protects it for long.

Best Truck Bed Mats:

Here is the list of some best truck bed mats for the trucks and other vehicles:

1. Husky Liners Heavy Duty Bed Mat

Husky Liners Heavy Duty Bed Mat

This truck bed is tough enough so that it protects your truck bed and being the soft mat keeps the cargo protected from breaking or damages. With the DuraGrip HD Anti-skid surface grips keep the cargo and other things from moving while on the mat. These bed mats are heavy duty and are almost odorless and smell less than usual.

Not only that, it takes a few seconds to install and remove the mat to your vehicle. 


It fits perfectly to most of the trucks and stays in place.

It is a really durable bed mat and it lasts longer for your truck and cargo. 


A few people think that the quality is not that good as the mat was thin. 

2. BedRug Bed Mat

BedRug Bed Mat

It can fit the truck beds which do not have the existing bed liner and not only that, this mat will also fit over to the spray-in bedliners. This bed mat contains the non slip and non skid fiber. It is ultra tough and has Superior comfort.

Not only that, this mat is also water-proof and stain resistant. 


This mat feels like you are sitting on the carpet which makes it good for comfort. 

Not only this mat looks good but also protects your truck from cargo and other things you place on it. 


A few people have problems with the fitting of the mat. 

3. Dee Zee Heavyweight Bed Mat

Dee Zee Heavyweight Bed Mat

This bed mat helps in preventing the cargo from shifting and also protects the truck bed from the damages. The mat is extra thick which is .375″ and this mat helps to keep the truck bed from rust or breaking.

The rubber is highly compressed which resists abrasions, the fuel spills and cracks or tears. The contour around the wheels give the perfect fit to the mat. 


The size is great for most trucks and other vehicles.

Because it absorbs impacts it helps in reducing dents on the truck bed.


A few people think that the mats were small for their vehicles. 

4. BDK Heavy-Duty Truck Utility Bed Mat

BDK Heavy-Duty Truck Utility Bed Mat

The Flex Tough feature of this mat makes the rubber polymers to withstand in different extreme conditions. These do not split, deform or crack and remain durable for long.

At .3 inches of thickness this mat becomes tough to protect cargo from slipping and keeps truck beds protected from dents from cargo or other things.

The measurement of this mat is 4′ x 8′ which is not an exact size for most vehicles and you can trim the mat to fit to your truck or other vehicles. It protects the truck bed from mud and spills. 


It can fit perfectly to almost any truck when you trim it to fit. 

The rubber is thick and heavy weight making it durable for cargo and other things. 


Some people didn’t like the smell of the mat. 

5. Westin Rubber Truck Bed Mat

Westin Rubber Truck Bed Mat

This mat is designed to fit Silverado/Sierra 1500 and many other vehicles. This truck bed mat helps in keeping the truck bed secure from rust and dents and preserves the value of the truck.

The non-slip mat is constructed from 100% recycled rubber and being the rubber material it is durable for your cargo and other things. 


It can fit better in the most Chevy Silverado vehicles without the need of trimming. 

It is durable and can protect your vehicle for long. 


Some people didn’t like the quality of the truck bed mat. 

What are the factors to consider when finding the truck bed mat?

There are many things to consider including; size and weight, durability and material. Here are some factors:

Size and Weight:

Before making the decision about the right mat, the first thing you should know is the size that has to fit your truck’s model.

Another thing is weight. It doesn’t matter how heavy the mat is, it wouldn’t be too heavy, the purpose is to protect your truck’s bed. The heavier it is, the stronger it would be.

Durability and Material:

Another factor, the material should be really good for the mat, such as the strong rubber to protect the truck back. If the mat isn’t durable enough, it wouldn’t last longer.

So, make sure the mat is durable. Rubber mats are easy to clean too.

Mats should be Skid-Proof:

One more feature should be, the mats should be skid proof and should stay in place. And the cargo you place on it, shouldn’t slide on it. 

Mats for Truck Bed User Guide

Truck bed mats are a necessity for any type of truck. They make the job of transporting heavier loads much easier and improve the safety of the truck bed by reducing friction and minimizing slipping. These mats do not only protect the truck from the elements, they help keep people safe as well.

The mats can protect the bed and help reduce the chances of the truck sliding and damaging the cargo. It will also prevent the driver from having to drive the truck in extreme conditions and it gives an extra layer of safety to the cargo.

Since floor mats are very durable, it will last for many years. In fact, you can even sell them to someone else and use the profits from selling the mat. Not only will you get the money, but you will be helping someone else.

Different Kinds of the Mats

There are many types of truck bed mats available to purchase. Some of these are made from vinyl, which is washable. Others are made from polypropylene material, which is very durable and can withstand some of the worst conditions that can happen while traveling. The mats also come in many different colors and materials.

If you choose to purchase truck bed mats in vinyl, you should make sure that they are not exposed to water. If this is not done, the mats will begin to rust and start degrading. Rust can cause damage to the truck’s metal surfaces and can increase the wear and tear on the vehicle’s suspension. The floor mats for truck bed must be replaced every few years to ensure that they last.

Mats that are made from polypropylene material are much better for the environment. Because they are made from recycled plastics, there is no more need for disposal. These mats are not only durable, but they are also very resistant to damage and corrosion.

Truck bed mats also have many different uses. If you have cargo that is prone to rusting, you can use these mats to protect the cargo. This allows you to continue to transport your cargo safely.

When looking at floor mats for truck bed, always make sure that you are buying the best product possible. to help reduce the possibility of causing damage to the truck.

The Quality of the Mats

The quality of truck bed mats is very important. You want them to last for many years and look good. If you have a company that is looking for products to use for their trucks, then you need to make sure that you find ones that are made from materials that are of a high quality. You want to make sure that you are getting high quality mats for your truck.

There are a lot of companies that offer mats that have been created from good quality material. in an array of colors and designs.

The mats should be easy to clean as well. Cleaning is necessary for these mats because the mats will need to be cleaned thoroughly after each use.

Why Truck Bed Mat is Really Necessary for the Truck?

A truck bed mat is something that a lot of people overlook. It’s a vital truck accessory which needs to be installed in the bed of your truck. Therefore, truck safety always comes first in this area. It also takes care of the stored cargo when your truck moves around on the road. So, it’s not just for aesthetics, but it can also help you avoid accidents and injuries while moving around.

Buying the right mat for your truck will take time and effort on your part. You’ll need to research the different models and make sure that it fits perfectly in the bed. Since there are so many models to choose from, you’ll need to do some research before making your final decision. After all, it’s your investment that you want to protect.

There are different options when it comes to buying a bed mat for your truck. You can choose between the traditional ones and the ones that are made of plastics. In the former, the mat sits above the floor of the truck. As the name suggests, this type of mat is attached with the help of strong brackets or hooks. These mats are usually made out of metal, aluminum, vinyl and other materials. Some trucks are also equipped with mats that have the option of being removed. However, there is a good chance that the mat may get damaged if it is not taken off in time.

Rubber mats for truck beds are not just for truck drivers but can also be used by truckers who wish to protect their valuable cargo from scratches, cuts and dents. They can also be installed in front of the truck to protect it from dirt, dust, mud and other unwanted things.

What are some other benefits of using the best truck bed mats?

Other than that, a mat also protects your truck’s back from hot days in summer. Without a mat, the UV rays might affect the truck’s back. When the truck has bed mat added to it, it also may protect from rust and many other things. 

What Are Some Features Of Using Truck Bed Mats?

  • Sleek and elegant appearance
  • Warm when wet
  • Suspension-resistant and water resistant
  • Improved loading capacity
  • As a result, Truck Bed Mat is the new standard in trucking.
  • It is extremely easy to install – just push the center slat into the truck bed mat, wrap the edges around the truck bed, then push it on.

Now that you know that, let’s get down to the nitty gritty details!

Does It Help Me Carry More?

Well, not only will Truck Bed Mat help you carry more, it helps you carry more comfortably as well. The extra space inside the truck bed makes you feel more secure. This means that you can easily load extra stuff, people or luggage into your truck more easily. The more stuff you load, the more you can make each trip more fun and relaxing.

It Is Reliable

With the extra storage, you can load more. With such a large storage area, you should be able to put in more-or-less whatever you want, and not worry about losing it.

Disadvantages of Truck Bed Mats

Here are some disadvantages of using truck bed mats for cargo:

  • Some truck bed mats may also be a safety hazard.
  • They can be noisy when they are in the truck.
  • These truck bed mats can be loud when installed on heavy trucks or while running on the road.
  • Truck bed mat heights vary from 30 cm to 50 cm

One may choose a bed size according to the condition of the cargo. So a regular sized truck bed is suitable for the transportation of small and medium cargo. But for the heavy cargo truck bed, where the surface may be crumbed and the thickness could be as much as 2-3 inches, height needs to be taken into consideration. 

What makes Truck Bed Mats Good for the Cargo:

Raised Backers

One of the coolest features of the bed mats is their raised backs, which make it easier to reach the cargo on the back of the truck bed.

Quicker Loads

Compact and quick loading trucks like Jeeps and Ford F-Series have gained popularity because of their low center of gravity.


Since you don’t have to know much about truck bed mats (or logistics), installation is quick and easy. Since the edges are raised, they have a flat edge on the inside, preventing them from sliding under the roof of the truck.

Is the truck bed mat and liner the same?

The truck bed is usually a durable rubber mat, whereas liner is thinner than the mat which also is designed to protect the truck from cargo. The truck liners also give the skid proof surface to the cargo.


So in this article you learned about some best truck bed mats and different ways to find the right mats for the truck. If you have any questions, please do ask.